Our Services

Currently there are around 8 different services we do in the areas of website design, web marketing services (SOE) such as Social-Media Marketing, Website Traffic Generation, Marketing Resources blogs, Niche Blogs, Backlink Creation services, Ranking, Mobile App Services & Cloud Education Services.  

Please read our options carefully if you miss-out any sentence in between it will be confusing for you, because we are defining products & services in a slightly different terms as its in digital form. In our view a product is something that you can point at & can be measured, counted and also tangible, a service is less concrete and is the result of the application of skills and expertise towards an identified need.  Hope you would have got our point by now, if not please feel free to write to us and we will be happy to help.

We also made our services as an individual product (website), For example our Social-Media Marketing services is also available as a separate website to buy, similarly all Marketing Resources such as Blogs, Niche blogs and whatever services you are seeing underneath “Our Services” menu are all made available as a Individual website except Cloud Education Services which is currently being developed.

All services website we sell as a product in Indian Rupees and some of our services are available only in USD currently but it will be converted to INR in due course of time as it is part our road map.  You can use your PayPal to buy these services in USD (or) you can also use your Credit  Cards as well.  If you buy any of our product (website) deals with services which accepts only USD can also be converted in INR but please check the possibility before making any payments (or) if you make any such payments that would be refunded 100% without any questions asked but we prefer write to us first.

Our focus is always on highly demanding substance in a cutting edge technology and we would like to introduce something unique portfolio which deals with cloud IT architecture.  Keep watching our services and you would be amazed to see that when it is launched.  Please browse through “Our Services” menu to navigate services options along with our website flow & clarity.