Web Marketing

Very interesting & challenging business for the people who is seeking for it and we have 3 web marketing websites are already available. Please note that it is ideal for part-time business for the time being.

If you are not familiar with these terms, we would suggest you to understand about SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Tags, Titles, Backlinks, Ranking and Reputation. These are all interlinked so any SEO book/white paper would cover these topics. We will provide you one if you need one and it is absolutely free.

CloudStar provides web marketing as a service and also sells web marketing websites to the one who wanted to start this as a part-time business. As a part of web marketing we can generate website traffic, provide paid search, organic search (SEO), content marketing – blogging, mobile apps, paid media ads (AdSense or banner ads), email marketing, social media marketing, word of mouth links from other sites (backlinks) etc., for the customers who orders it through the website.