Website to Android App

Website to Android App conversion service is free for all our customers who bought any responsive ready-made website from us we will provide you an Android App for your website and publish it in Google PlayStore as mentioned in Mercury tier features below, but you got to claim this service by sending an email to us or via our contact us page. It wont come by default with your website purchase as we need to engage our backend supplier team prior in notice.

If you want to buy only our Android App conversion service for your existing responsive/adaptive website then we will charge bare minimum Rs.2000/- for single website, please see our service features comparison options in the below table and followed by order page both would help you to take your decision quickly

Service Features Availability Comparison
Mercury Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Responsive Website to Android App with Ads Yes Yes Yes
Responsive Website to Android App without Ads       Yes Yes
CloudStar Provides Free Logo if you do not have one Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Published directly in Google PlayStore and available globally Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Send Notification directly to your App users

If you are comfortable with the above features availability in each metal tier, you can straight away use the below link and add to your cart and proceed for the payment.  Mercury tier is a free tier which is meant for our existing customers.  If incase your query doesn't fall any of the above category please feel free to reach us by sending a mail to (or) alternatively using the contact us page. 

Please Note:  We are providing this Mercury tier service (free of cost) for non-profitable organizations & educational institutions in India, but your existing website should comply with our evaluation criteria





Download our Adfree App from Google playstore by searching "CloudStar Technologies" and install the same to get a feel of how it functions and also as a demo to validate our service quality, speed and performance of the App, all converted Apps functions in the similar way.  We could provide a direct link for you to download our App but we want you to feel how the overall process works from end-user standpoint.

Note:  We are providing free Website to Android App conversion service (Mercury tier) for non-profit organizations & educational institutions.  This will also be published in Google PlayStore.  In order to avail this service you must have a website and which should be responsive & adaptive in nature. To claim this please use our contact us page and provide your details or alternatively send us a mail to  Mention your Title or Subject line as "Free Website to Android App conversion service (Mercury tier)". Upon receiving your details we will evaluate as per our qualification criteria and get back to you. 

This is applicable only for India based sites & businesses, strictly not for outside India. For outside India website to Android App conversion, please click here for more information or to order this service